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Product Review: ELF Brushes

A common question I get asked is not only about how to apply makeup, but what brushes to use. There are just so many! I think we've all experienced the frustration that comes with buying a fresh new set of brushes to find out it sheds the moment it touches liquid. It's like usage becomes its kryptonite despite shelling out $20+ per brush! I say that's ridiculous.

After working in the makeup industry for a couple of years, I have had the privilege of using some pretty high end tools, and believe me, they're as soft as a baby's bum BUT who can really afford that on a regular basis?

I found my ultimate answer when I bought an 11 piece set of ELF Studio brushes ( I have never gone back and continue using them on myself and my clients. It's been a couple years and they haven't shed or come apart! I'm not a huge fan of their thin eyeliner brushes, but for complexion, they are my absolute favorite. (**Make sure to get the Studio line which are all black)

If you are looking to step up your brush quality game a little, ELF recently released the Beautifully Precise Brush Collection line that is all white. I haven't used them yet, but they look promising.

It's important to have high quality tools when doing your makeup, but if you are the ballin' on the budget type like most of us, ELF accomplishes the objective and you'll look flawless in the process.

Stay beautiful,


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